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DSP scheduling application - includes shift management
Mobile, morning load out and RTS management workflows
Morning kick-off workflow for managing driver load out
Fully integrated chat engine
Comprehensive mobile application (iOS and Android)
Mobile app pickup open and swap shifts
Payroll punch time integrationadd-on$4/user/month
Complete incident management workflows include: driver accident/injury forms, tier tracking, UPD tracker and driver call outs
Route commitment tracking
Schedule balance views
Package count information
Mobile app announcements: for driver updates and education
Mobile driver scorecard and coaching
Build your own reports (coming soon)
Amazon invoice comparison tool (coming soon)
Vehicle maintenance log
Vehicle maintenance log templates and trackeradd-on$4/vehicle/month
Driver Training Videos With Automated Coachingadd-on$50/month
Vehicle AI Photo Inspectionadd-on$6/vehicle/month

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More Features


Driver Mobile App

Personal driver scorecard

Set and modify goals for your drivers and customize the provided content any way you want. You can even build teams and have them compete!

Online schedule

Allow your drivers to see their assigned schedule in real-time and communicate with their supervisor.

Let drivers self-serve

Drivers can view and pick up open shifts and arrange to swap a shift with another driver – a workflow that requires a built-in supervisor’s approval, of course.


Live Chat

Leverage integration for better communication

Use integrated chat to communicate with your drivers. Create read-only groups. Options to send via SMS. We even have a ‘swearbot’.

Share more than just text

Dynamically poll your drivers, or send or share documents, pictures, videos, and URLs.

Dynamic membership

Create ‘wildcard’ groups that auto-update. If they are an active employee in our system, we’ll do the updating for you.


Time Tracking

2 geofences

Track the times of ins and outs of both the parking lot and the station geofences.

Everything has a timeline

Not just employees, but vehicles and devices are all keeping a timeline of activity. This makes for some amazing reports.

Combined Timelines

See and keep for your records the entire day in a shift timeline. Assigned vans, mobile devices, punches, pre and post-trip information, and more.


Workflow Forms

Ontime dispatch of your team

Use our Load out and RTS module to help train and manage drivers through your partner’s ever-changing processes.

We have a ‘workbot’

Let our workbot shepherd tasks throughout your organization to make sure the little things are done every time.

More complicated workflows

Send coaching or corrective action forms with photos or other attachments via workbot and require your employee’s signature (or refusal).


Fleet Management

Track all maintenance

Use our TaskTracker to keep track of all open maintenance items for every vehicle. Upon completion, the task will migrate to the Maintenance Log.

Mileage-based notifications

Build custom maintenance templates, assign them to vehicles, and then have our workbot watch for oil changes and more based on the mileage being logged.

Unleash the power of AI (add-on)

This add-on will automatically send all driver inspection photos to an AI that will send back a pass/fail grade, identifying new damage within 30 minutes.



Post morning messages

Share important messages with your team. Incorporate text, photos and video content. Stack multiple slides, change the order, and add a time restriction to make them stay on the screen.

Create templates to simplify

Build and save messages with a variety of purposes: safety, education, team awards, road conditions, and more.

Schedule recurring messages

Create messages and schedule them to run whenever you want, again and again.

Achieve even more with the available add-ons

Available Add-ons

Flexible Seats

The pay-as-you-go option. If you go over your reserved seats, we'll charge you for every extra active employee daily. Available for annual payments only.

Payroll Punch Time Integration

Included in the Partner plan, but available as an add-on for Basic as an add-on. We currently support ADP.

SMS Integration

Send notifications via both Chat and SMS to alert drivers and employees. Usage fees apply. Cost may vary slightly by mobile provider. Each unit has a limit of 67 characters per text.

Driver Training Videos With Automated Coaching

We crawl the weekly scorecard and send mandatory coaching to every driver for every poor equivalent score. We even provide custom video content for every metric–which you can make them watch.

Vehicle AI Photo Inspection

Automatically send your driver’s inspection photos to an AI that will return a pass/fail grade for every completed inspection within 30 minutes of it taking place, and even show you why. It is magic.


Frequently Asked Questions

No. We provide a free, self-directed template that walks you through the setup process and shows you how best to run our tools. You will also receive upload tools that allow you to easily add input employees, devices and vehicles. If you would prefer more assistance, our sales team will direct you to our experts in professional services.

If you want to cancel at the end of the 30 days, contact [email protected]. If you choose to continue with dspworkplace, you will simply be charged at the end of the first month for the next 30 days of the software use.

Our payments are processed by our secure payment partner Stripe, which offers both credit card and ACH processing options.

Of course! We understand the challenges of changing ramp plans during peak, Prime week, and other key points throughout the year. Stripe will adjust your subscription accordingly by simply charging you for the average number of active employees in your account each month. Our sales team can help if you have any concerns.

Look for the annual option on our pricing page, or contact our sales team at [email protected] if you have any questions.
Absolutely. Just reach out to us at [email protected] to start the process.

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“dspworkplace has allowed our team to consolidate hours of work reconciling spreadsheets each day by bringing these processes into one web application! It is now an essential part of our operations.”

“dspworkplace has helped us improve our communication, organization, and by creating more accurate and complete data while delivering it in a timely manner. All of this allows us to make better, more financially rewarding decisions. Great tool!”

“As an owner I am most concerned with process management and profitability. dspworkplace addresses these issues better than any other tool available.”